Open Enrollment: HHS0014639

Agency: DSHS
Procurement Number: HHS0014639
Procurement Name: Newborn Screening Program Benefits Contractors
Program Name: Newborn Screening Benefits Program
Release Date:
Submission Deadline: August 31, 2030 — 05:00 pm CDT

Executive Summary

The State of Texas, by and through the Texas Department of State Health Services (“DSHS” or “System Agency”) seeks contractors to provide Newborn Screening (“NBS”) Program Benefits Program services, such as Dietary Supplements, Vitamins, Medications, Medical Foods (Formulas), Low Protein Foods, and follow-up care at no cost or reduced cost, to eligible clients who have a heritable congenital disorder detected through the DSHS NBS Program in accordance with Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 33 and Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Chapter 37, and the specifications contained in this open enrollment.