Open Enrollment: HHS0013139

Agency: HHSC
Procurement Number: HHS0013139
Procurement Name: Guardianship Services
Program Name: Guardianship Services
Release Date:
Submission Deadline: March 31, 2023 — 05:00 pm CDT

Executive Summary

The purpose of the HHSC's Office of Guardianship Services ("HHSC-OGS") program is to provide guardianship services for aged and disabled individuals: who are appropriate for and in need of HHSC guardianship services; having no less restrictive alternative or supports and services available and feasible to avoid guardianship; having no qualified alternate guardian; for whom guardianship provides an effective remedy to abuse, neglect or exploitation or effectively meets the individual's needs; having private assets to meet expenses or government benefits sufficient to provide support; and who have been found incapacitated by a court of law. For the purposes of this Contract, Guardianship Services means giving the guardian limited or full authority over a ward, depending on the extent of the incapacity, for an indefinite term. The ward retains only those legal and civil rights not removed by the court order.