Open Enrollment: HHS0011974

Agency: DSHS
Procurement Number: HHS0011974
Procurement Name: Tuberculosis Prevention and Elimination/Treatment Services
Program Name: Regional and Local Health Operations Tuberculosis
Release Date:
Submission Deadline: August 31, 2026 — 05:00 pm CDT

Executive Summary

The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is an agency within the Texas Health andHuman Services (HHS) system.DSHS is seeking Applications to establish a Contract or Contracts for the selected tuberculosis (TB) services as described in Section 8: Statement of Work of the Open Enrollment, to individuals with suspected or confirmed TB disease including persons identified as a contact to a known case or suspected case, refugees, and class B immigrants regardless of their ability to pay for services. To be considered for award, Applicants must submit a comprehensive Application which meets all the requirements of this Open Enrollment and includes all requested documentation.