Request for Application: HHS0011068

Agency: DSHS
Procurement Number: HHS0011068
Procurement Name: Texas Healthy Building Blocks (THBB) Obesity Prevention Program
Program Name: Health Promotion Chronic Disease Prevention
Release Date:
Submission Deadline: April 28, 2022 — 10:30 am CDT

Executive Summary

The purpose of the Obesity Prevention Program is to make healthy choices easier for all Texans wherever they live, work, and play. This program supports and promotes projects that focus on decreasing the prevalence of obesity, decreasing the consumption of added sugars and high calorie, low nutrient foods, increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables and water, increasing the initiation and duration of breastfeeding, and increasing physical activity. The program targets large segments of the population by promoting: (1) strategies to reduce environmental barriers to healthy living, and (2) administrative policies that facilitate healthy choices.