Open Enrollment: HHS0014039

Agency: DSHS
Procurement Number: HHS0014039
Procurement Name: Medical Staffing for a Declared Emergency/Disaster Event
Program Name: Center for Health Emergency Preparedness and Response, Response and Recovery Unit
Release Date:
Submission Deadline: November 15, 2026 — 05:00 pm CST

Executive Summary

DSHS is seeking Applications to establish Contract(s) with medical staffing companies that specialize in providing health professionals and allied health professionals ("Professional Personnel") to be deployed throughout the State of Texas. These medical staffing companies will provide medical and public health services during a pending or actual disaster, which is also referred to herein as a "State Mission", or for training and exercise events ("Events") requested by DSHS. Applicants to this OE must possess a method and or company policy or procedure in which they have vetted, verified, and credentialed all Professional Personnel that will be deployed to provide services in response to a State Mission or Event. Medical staffing companies must be able to provide proof of required license(s) and certification(s) for Professional Personnel being provided for deployment to a State Mission or Event.

To be considered for award, Applicants must submit a comprehensive Application which meets all the requirements of this OE and includes all requested documentation.