Consumer Directed Services Advisors

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Name Organization Office Location Email Phone Number(s)
Longe, Oluwagbemiga Independent Fort Bend County 281-751-8282
Thompson, Micheal Independent Bexar County 210-383-0074
Mammah, Melondy Crown Care Management Harris County 713-503-7777
Carter, Vanessa Angels On Call Home Care Fort Bend County 713-772-7721
Gonzales, Sylvia South Plains Community Action Association, Inc. Lubbock County 806-797-6393
Jones, Christine DCS Health Care Services Rockwall County 469-223-3266
Cardona, Olivia South Plains Community Action Association, Inc. Hockley County 806-894-7872
Seabourn, Ami Independent Dallas County 214-716-9818
Harvey, Stephen Heart of Texas Independent Living Center Bell County 254-754-7050
Meinkowsky, John ARCIL, Inc. Travis County 512-832-6340
Bohuslav, Susan Independent Bexar County 830-534-1295
Okoro, Joseph Ovations Healthcare Services, Inc. Travis County 512-771-6193
Chapman, Lisa Independent Smith County 903-452-3363
Okunseri, Abieyuwa Independent Tarrant County 407-990-3696
Colunga, Delilah In-Home Attendant Services Harris County 713-400-2430
Compton, Janet Independent Smith County 903-452-3363
Morales, Dora G. Independent Maverick County 830-968-8095
Williams, Mary E. Lena Mae Farris Foundation Washington County 936-825-1741
Robinson, Dorise Independent St. Louis, MO 314-503-1676
Rumbaugh, Larrie Ann South Plains Community Action Association, Inc. Hockley County 806-894-7872
Oladeji, Olawumi Glory Financial Services Dallas County 469-765-2873
Moore, Naomi Y. Metro Health Services Harris County 713-777-9600
Bellah, Tonteann Independent Dallas County 214-440-7797
Reid, Shannelle Brown Rely Home Care LLC Harris County 424-309-3533
Franklin, Larry Independent Taylor County 325-627-6946
Fatunbi, Dickson D-Life Healthcare Services Harris County 281-693-0505
Thomas, Sue Just Real Kare, Inc. Harris County 713-266-2604
Sylvester-Walker, Patricia Evercare of Texas Harris County 713-419-9555
Morgan, Mary EAK Good Neighbor Home Care Franklin County 903-524-2400
Mares, Jacqueline Alamo Consumer Direct El Paso County 915-226-4226
Salomons, Ramona CDCN-TX Travis County 512-650-0228
Hammond, Faridy CCB Healthcare System Tarrant County 817-548-8002
Vargas, Guadalupe Jaimel Health Care Services, LLC Harris County 713-780-2968
Lassalle, Sandra Helping Restore Ability Tarrant County 817-469-1977
Norwood, Janice Independent Callahan County 325-829-5766
Kennedy, Robin Independent Lamar County 903-785-2013
Mattson, Donna UCP of North Texas Dallas County 214-536-0522
Cantu, Paula G. Jaimel Health Care Services, LLC Harris County 713-790-2968
Awe, Taiwo Independent Tarrant County 682-433-8737
Whitten-Lege', Gene In-Home Attendant Services, Ltd. Harris County 713-528-6499
Nguyen, Hien In-Home Attendant Services, Ltd. Harris County 713-400-3795
Gilmore, Richelle A-One Plus Home Health Care Agency LLC Dallas County 972-283-9499
Asinobi, Esther Independent Harris County 832-296-5631
Wyman, Jaciana Odin Street Park LLC Fort Bend County 346-483-2822
Nunez, Patricia Ann APC Home Health Services Cameron County 956-364-1283
Coward, Roy Craig Independent Fort Bend County 281-494-6363
Watson, Dave Dave Wastson and Associates Rockwall County 682-472-2367
Harper, Angela AWH Financial Services LLC Dallas County 469-524-3035
Thomas, Marika Independent Harris County 713-298-6730
Oladeji, Angela Grandma Felicia Healthcare Services Collin County 469-441-8194
Barkley, Diana Independent Hunt County 315-705-8317
Ejimakor, Jude O. Mbanaso Consulting Groups Fort Bend County 972-422-1436, 281-530-7470
Ransom, Betty Independent Dallas County 214-918-4399
Baker, Lawrence N. CDS in Texas Bexar County 210-798-3780
Cordova, Guillermo Tropical Texas Behavioral Health Cameron County 956-547-5510
Delgado, Claudia Independent El Paso County 915-633-3511
Davis, Leslie Independent Dallas County 972-358-1426
Daigle, Deborah Independent Harris County 281-326-3158
Pickney, Vanessa MHMRA of Harris County Harris County 713-970-8384
Willams, Emma Every Moment Matters Administrative Agency Bexar County 210-214-1299
Vargas, Erin Tropical Texas Behavioral Health Hidalgo County 956-289-7014
Ansley, Loraine Independent Tarrant County 817-781-9034
Fayomi, Bessie Independent Tarrant County 404-786-7678
Sourdellia, Sandra DearCare Health Management International Jefferson County 409-962-9899
Baker, Helen CDS in Texas Bexar County 210-798-3779
Walker, Vernon Independent Tarrant County 817-710-6714
LeeMauk, Connie Rogers Independent Dallas County 972-263-0328
Flores, Rachel Independent Bexar County 210-849-8322
Alabi, Mercy His Grace Health Services Tarrant County 817-715-2059
Carrasco, Christopher Lone Star Love and Care Dallas County 214-575-7992
Cowles, Lynn Community Partners for Independent Living Travis County 512-522-3220
Lindsey, Shirley A-One Plus Home Health Care Agency LLC Dallas County 972-283-9499
Rincon, Rosanna Rio Grande Home Health Agency Cameron County 956-423-7100
Barbour, Rochelle Cultural Connections Consulting Bexar County 210-455-9814
Baird, Jennie Angels At Home, inc. Navarro County 903-874-5758
Jack, April AR Caregivers Harris County 832-643-9739
Kemp, Carrie Independent Harris County 713-283-6330
Guardado, Eunice In Home Attendant Services Harris County 713-528-6499
Hunt, Dean Astrocare CDS Harris County 281-931-5500
Pugh, Donna Helping Restore Ability Tarrant County 817-469-1977
Davis, Len Acumen Fiscal Agent Dallas County 469-307-0183
Ross, Shelly Outreach Health Services Hays County 512-398-3958
Escareno, Jaime Austin Travis County Mental Health Mental Retardation Center Travis County 512-483-5810
McGaskey, Shalonda Outreach Health Services Dallas County 972-840-7230
Petitt, Rhonda S. MHMRA of Harris County Harris County 713-970-8383
Samuel, Natosha Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Texas Jefferson County 409-899-8444 x 169
Woodard, Fallon Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Texas Jefferson County 409-223-3388
Harris, Nancy Independent Tarrant County 682-234-4111
Baker, April J. CDS in Texas Bexar County 210-798-3779
Neal, Tiffany Resources 4 U Collin County 248-854-0833
Ajayi, Olubunmi Independent Tarrant County 832-754-2591
Villacreses, Vanessa Independent Harris County 832-605-8716
Hebert, Rose H and H Medical Services, Inc Harris County 713-795-0905
Niedermayer, Vicki Helping Restore Ability Tarrant County 817-635-6030
Thompson, Vernica King CrownCare Management Harris County 713-922-8455
Mabry, Kuandrill Independent Collin County 832-401-8948
Guidry, Rose Home Health Unlimited, Inc. Fort Bend County 281-981-1466
Hodge, Celestine Helping Restore Ability Tarrant County 817-469-1977
Shittu, Fatimah Independent Fort Bend County 281-494-9366
Edwards, Lucinda Division for Rehabilitation Services Travis County 512-383-7015
Evans Robinson, Sharon Independent Fort Bend County 713-294-5266
Anyanwu, Beatrice Independent Fort Bend County 281-658-5670
Kujimoyo, Ade Independent Harris County 713-726-9668
Torres, Lorena Independent El Paso County 915-496-3981
Park, Jodi CTD Travis County 512-478-3366
Lopez, Rosario Independent Cameron County 956-541-1975
Blakely, Alton E. Independent Collin County 972-548-9093
Smith, Cynthia R. A Family Choice, CDS, LLC Collin County 678-674-9996
Hall, Demetrisa Patrice Outreach Health Community Care Dallas County 972-840-7230
Gomez, Rhonda In Home Attendant Services, Ltd Harris County 346-867-2082
Martinez, Stephanie M. Divergent Abilities Williamson County 512-931-1238
Hebert, Consuelo H and H Medical Services, Inc. Dallas County 214-943-9800
Sherman, Farmetria (Farrah) Accommodating Healthcare Services, LLC Tarrant County 817-339-6733
Tatum, Trenesha Outreach Health Dallas County 972-840-7224
Phillips, Cheryl W. What's In a Name (WIN) Harris County 713-398-9111
Nzoiwu, Polycarp DRS Williamson County 512-383-7014
Rose, LuCinda J. Imagine Enterprises Callahan County 325-721-9871
Requenez, Rene Access Granted Hidalgo County 956-289-1176
Ybarra, Cynthia A. Outreach Health Services Travis County 512-835-6150
Verbout, Linda Rio Grande Home Health Agency Cameron County 956-423-7100
McCorvey, Violet Independent Bell County 254-681-3204
Robinson, James Independent St. Louis, MO 314-922-7451
Fairley, Michael Helping Restore Ability Tarrant County 817-469-1977
Casimir, Amorette Touch of Class Harris County 281-463-2490
Requenez, Hector Access Granted Hidalgo County 956-289-1176
Jeter, Brittany Independent Harris County 832-528-1923
Rivera, Jennifer Independent Travis County 512-922-8121
Lacy, KaRhonda Independent Harris County 832-673-8656
Bilberry, Claire L. Lena Mae Farris Foundation Brazos County 409-658-0016
Bisong, Gwendolyn Independent Harris County 832-489-5731
Martinez, Michelle Independent Jim Wells County 361-415-4798
Olezene, Chanel Outreach Health Services Dallas County 972-840-7295
Fragoso, Dolores In-Home Attendant Services, Ltd. Harris County 713-400-2442
Moore, Jimmie Metro Health Services Harris County 713-777-9600
Harris, Cheryl Imagine Enterprises Brazoria County 832-563-0661
Haller, William Outreach Health Services Tarrant County 817-732-5078
Toran, Sharon Jaimel Health Care Services, LLC Harris County 713-780-2968
Turner, Anthony Independent Harris County 936-687-2893
Oris, Sade Unick Angels Home Health Service Harris County 281-759-3232
Palmer, Brenda H and H Medical Services,Inc Bexar County 210-930-2828
Gonzalez, Mario Independent Bexar County 210-842-8662
Johnson, Victoria Y. VTO Primary Home Care Dallas County 214-405-8523
Smith, Flora A. Independent Harris County 281-610-8566
Osinloye, Sylvia Iyabo MDJ Healthcare Services Dallas County 214-672-3846
Silos, Karen Independent Guadalupe County 830-237-1288
Oyeniyi, Joshua Segnik Healthcare Services Harris County 713-481-8699, 888-269-2066
Robertson, Cynthia Parker Lena Mae Farris Foundation Washington County 936-878-2107
Partida, Rocio H and H Medical Services Harris County 713-795-0905
Cantu, RosaLinda Rio Grande Home Health Agency Cameron County 956-423-7100
Maku, Joseph Independent Dallas County 214-900-2284